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Sustainable transport and what is means

Sustainable transport also known as green transport refers to ways of transportation that are sustainable in the terms of their social and environment impacts.


What is the problem of our transport system now?

Transport problems are issues that can affect the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the transportation systems. The problems can range from environmental problems to social problems. Some environmental problems are atmospheric pollution and the impact of transport methods. Atmospheric relates to the atmosphere of the earth. The atmospheric problem refers to pollution caused by transport methods and how it affects the air quality of the

area is covers, how it affects people health and how it affects the ecosystem it passes through. Some social problems involves traffic congestion, public transport crowding and the difficulties for pedestrians. There is difficult for pedestrians because lots of people travel by car, so there is a lack of sidewalks, crossing and safety measures is certain areas.


Solutions for the problems with the transport system.

There are lots of different ways to solve the problems caused by the transport system. For example, to stop atmospheric pollution we could, use low-carbon fuels, take public transport when possible, carpooling and walking or cycling when you can. Carpooling is when you for example you and your neighbour can both going to town so instead of driving in two separate cars, you both take one. Some solutions to the lack of sidewalks are better urban planning or street planning that prioritises people walking and cycling.