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Have you ever wondered what are the largest rodents in the world and where they live? Well, you’re in luck because today I’m going to tell you all about the amazing capybaras! Capybaras are part of the cavy family, which includes nineteen different species of rodents such as the domestic guinea pig and the wild cavies. But capybaras are not just any rodents, they are the biggest ones in the family and they can weigh up to 66 kg (145 lb)!




Capybaras live in South America, in countries like Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Northeast Argentina and Uruguay. They prefer tropical climates and habitats near water sources such as lakes and rivers. In fact, capybaras are very good swimmers and divers and they can stay underwater for up to five minutes! They have a pig-like body with a short snout, short legs, small ears and almost no tail. Their fur is brown and coarse and their eyes, ears and nostrils are on top of their head to help them see and breathe while submerged.

Capybaras are social animals and they live in groups of two to thirty individuals. There is usually one dominant male who mates with all the females in the group. The females give birth to litters of two to eight pups after a gestation period of about 150 days. The pups can swim and eat grass from the first day of their life. Capybaras are herbivores and they feed mainly on grasses, aquatic plants, fruits and tree bark. They have twenty teeth in total, including two sharp incisors that grow continuously and four premolars that they use to grind their food.

Capybaras are fascinating creatures that deserve our respect and admiration. They have adapted well to their environment and they have a complex social structure. They are also very cute and friendly and they can even bond with other animals and humans. Let us know If you’ve ever had a chance to see a capybara in person,